A Pile of Poptarts

Hey Catbus fans. I wanted to update y'all with one huge-licious batch of the latest Poptart mixes.

 Let's start with Hugstep Vol 1

If you've never heard of Dubstep before, this is a good place to be. It's slow, it's epic, it's pretty, it's dirty. I have a love-hate relationship with the genre, so I decided to make a mix that was just all the parts I loved. :D This is my own sweet and low take on the super-trendy genre. All vocal, and shimmering, but with that earthshaking subbass propelling you onward... I call it HUGSTEP!!!! GET IT!

 DJ poptart - HugStep vol.1 112mb, 320k, 48 mins.

 Next is from my Girly Electro series, Solid Sass Vol 2

 It hits like a shotgun full of glitter, dumping you into a deep pit of glowing tingly gel. Synth by synth you climb from the depths to witness the first sunrise of 2011, beaming with funk and feeling. .... I like it!. (My favorite tracks hitting right off, and then :28 in.)
 DJ poptart - Solid Sass vol .2

And Finally a super-Special live recorded set, Poptart live at the Skinny!

 A live recording from my set on 12-2-11 at the premier of Project Alma's fabulous new house night: The Skinny.  I aimed to take the crowd on a specific journey, up through swirling and mystical house, swerving into dark and sassy electro, then exploding to the surface in a fizz of fidget and neon. They danced hard, so I call it a win. Enjoy, burn, and share the love!

 Poptart Live at The Skinny 1:15, 320k, 168mb.