Lighthouse presents- Cyberphunk Vol. 3

Androids do dream of electric sheep in this brand new mix from your ever-vigilant Lighthouse. I really, really, like what I've put together for this one. It's sort of the mix of the moment and perfect for the Summer. It's a bright neon, upbeat, power ballad electro assault on your synapses. You'll hear me dropping this style when the sun goes down on Black Rock City at Burning Man 2011.

Here's your raw data: 320 kps, 1:00:43, 142mb

1. Top Of The World (Original Mix)- Joe Garston
2. The Electric Dream (Original Mix)- Mord Fustang
3. Sixteen 01 (Original Mix)- Zetika, Robert Jean
4. Beat The Bass (Original Mix)- Starkillers, Dmitry KO
5. Upshot (Original Mix)- Headway
6. Override (Original Mix)- Horny Sanchez
7. Sax2Vibes (Aniki Remix)- Ryan Housewell, Ivan M.
8. Raw 2 Da Floor (Lazy Rich Remix)- Calvertron, Qalvr
9. Violins Of Donau (Original Mix)- John Dahlback
10. Amen (Original Mix)- Chrizz Luvly
11. Better Wipe That Up (Original Mix)- Lazy Rich
12. Keytar Hero (Original Mix)- Vodge Diper
13. Wake Up LA (Original Mix)- Far Too Loud
14. Pressure (Alesso Remix)- Alex Kenji, Starkillers, Nadia Ali

Hear it here-

Download it here- Cyberphunk Vol. 3 (Right click to save)

Comments always welcome. Enjoy!