Nobody presents- BUZZ BUZZ WOW WOW

This is a mix I did for How Weird Festival San Francisco '10.
If you were the lucky few, who where approached by a guy in a black cat mask, you already know how thumping this mix is.

This is the stuff I love to spin and rock out to.
It's the kinda of music that makes you feel omnipotent. Especially at that point in the party where everything is just perfect.


Please enjoy,
I would really love to hear feed back on this one.

-DJ Nobody

DJ Poptart - FLING

My sweet and sassy spring mix. It drops into some serious house bizness in the middle, then pulls you out the other side of the rabbit hole.

Dj Poptart - Fling

140 mb, 320k, 1 hour.

Here's the lineup!

1) No One Sleeps When I'm Awake (La Dolce Vita Remix)
2) Earthquake (Yes Giantess Remix) Little Boots
3) Might Be (MJ Cole Remix) Todd Edwards
4) Push & Rise (Original Mix) Wolfgang Gartner
5) Barbara Streisand (O-God Remix) Duck Sauce
6) Freak (Plastik Funk Remix) Estelle
7) Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Greysound 2k10 Remix) Belinda Carlisle
8) Gym Tonic (Laidback Luke Bootleg) Bob Sinclar
9) Balança (Renaissance Man Remix) Chernobyl + Praga
10) Afrojack - Polkadots (Original mix)
11) Brighter Day (R.I.O. Remix) Yanou feat. Anita Davis
12) I Was Drunk (Elektropusher's Drunk Too Remix) Riva Starr
13) Walking On A Line (BeatauCue Remix) Pony Pony Run Run
14) Rave Box - P.E.S.T
15) White Rabbit (Mojo Filter Wonderland Mix) Jefferson Airplane

This is my first mix on the Denon HD2500 (LOVE IT) and the Kaoss Pad mixer, so you'll hear a lot more chopping and fiddling than usual.
As always... enjoyyyyy.


Lighthouse presents- June 2010 Mix- Cyberphunk Vol. 2

It's the revenge of the machines in this face-melting electro house mix. Can you withstand its mighty onslaught as it lays waste to the dance floor? Definitely something for your peak hour or if you simply gotta have some sick electro whomp in your head.

Click here today and fight for humanity's future! Give a listen and COMMENTS WELCOME!!!

58:52, 320 kps, 128 bpm, 134 mb

But enough of the technical mumbo-jumbo, here are the tracks:

1. Some Chords - Original Mix- Deadmau5

2. Cool (Ozi Remix)- Spencer & Hill

3. Sex On The Beach - Original Mix - Benny Knox

4. I Wanna Be Loved by You (2010 DJ Riky B Remix) - Franco Frassi feat. Suzie Kennedy

5. Apes From Space - Dirtyloud Remix- Aaren San

6. Up & Down - Wil Bailey & Punk Rolla Remix- Calvertron, N-Ton

7. Queen Of House - Original Club- Tim Sanchez

8. Wolfen - Jokers Of The Scene Remix- Boy 8-Bit

9. Community Funk - Deadmau5 Remix- Burufunk, Carbon Community

10. Weapon Of Choice 2010 feat. Lazy Rich- Lazy Rich Remix- Fatboy Slim, Lazy Rich

11. Blaze It - Reset! Remix- Herve

12. Smack My Bitch Up (Jim Pavloff Remix)- The Prodigy

13. The Good, The Bad & The Funky (Original Mix)- JELO & Adam K

14. 21st Century Disco Shit - Miles Dyson Remix- The Soulbrothers