Track Recommendations

Just thought I'd share a couple of tracks with all you lovely Internet people out there.

The first is- Pryda feat Julie McKnight - Muranyi/Diamond Life

There is no music video of this track, but here it is in action at this year's WMC.

Super soulful vocals with a great slow-burn progression that Pryda loves to deliver.

Speaking of soulful vocals, here's one super-lady you outta get to know.

Lisa Millett

I can't get enough of her supreme diva powers. Go listen to some of her stuff on her myspace.

Here's a little present for you too- Now You're Gone feat Lisa Millet_Jason Herds Most Obvious Mix

This track has an interesting hook to it that instantly reminds me of old school raves. It also has some impressive church organ music so know I have no idea what to think when I hear it, but I know I like it.




What's bouncing in my ears this summer

Fun from the new Röyksopp album, Junior. Space invaders are real.

My favorite cut off the new Album: (Right click download)
Vision One
The deep zipper bass clicks up and down like it's peeling open my own spine. Frosted dreamy vocals on top. Perfect.

LA-centric fun from Little Boots. Her album Hands is UK released, but not US yet. Some spectacular remixes are floating around. This track will be on my summer mix for sure.

Here, have one: Little Boots - Meddle (Designer Drugs Remix)

And one more sweet treat of a song,
Ellie Goulding- Starry Eyed
Only a few tracks around for Ellie right now, but they are all delicious, handcrafted heartfelt synthygood.
Lookit these awesome folks making songs!

Inspired and bouncin,


Cherry Spitz Podcast 6/24/09

Catbus Entertainment is proud to announce their weekly comedy podcast presented by the LA/OC Improv/Sketch group, Cherry Spitz. What happens when you give a bunch of improvisers some mics and a little bandwidth? Magic. All over you. And possibly a little down your leg.

This first podcast features the three core members- Tim Gale, Lars Hansen, and James Stebick. Topics include- figuring out how the hell a microphone works, origin stories, outdated headlines, banging your girlfriend in front of Osama, and garbage factories. Download right HERE!!!

If you like what you hear and/or have suggestions for topics please send us a comment below. We’ll be changing format up every week and would like, in the true style of improv, to base our show off of suggestions from our internet audience. So fire away bitches!





Hey all,

Just a sentimental podcast for the kiddos. In case you're wondering, when I'm not ripping up tracks and fighting the forces of evil, I'm defiling young minds as a teacher. So as an experiment for the actual official Catbus Podcasts, here's part two of "Twenty Feet Away" for your listening enjoyment.

Topics, to name just a few, include- sexy black fathers, the return of the phrase "jive turkey", and couch rape.

Tell us what you think. Either today or tomorrow, we'll begin posting our podcasts featuring LA/OC improv/sketch group Cherry Spitz Fanclub.

Summer's here so we'll be finally kicking this site up a notch and getting the content, mixes, podcasts, pics, and reviews up for your Interweb pleasure. Keep checking back and tell us what you think.




Crossing the Desert

Description- My first official mix from 2006. Done entirely on my rickety, old Stanton STR-30s. Solidly entertaining house jams with a few surprises here and there. A great mix to get your weekend started.

Playlist- [I'll need to dig up the old records- stay tuned]

Download- Crossing the Desert


Hey all!

Catbus Entertainment is happy to announce our first podcast. This first one is more just for funzies. Such topics include- High school drama kids, Nick Cage, and Pixar's UP.

This was kind of done on the fly in what you would call a "happy accident". Anyways, we'll be putting these up semi-regular with a more parties and pop-culture related topics. Check back here for special guest podcasts from local So Cal talent.

Twenty Feet Away 6/05/09