What we've been up to....

Lighthouse here showing off our new DJ booth. Look for this bad boy at a day party near you! Actually, we're taking this beauty to Burning Man first to see how sturdy she is.

We also picked up some great speakers that attach to the whole unit for mobile DJ action.

It's got a nice lil vanity mirror in the front so the dirty Burners can admire themselves (or we can bounce lasers off of it and zap the people who bug us).

Fancy equalizer bar artwork done by Poptart. Regal wallpaper-style paint job taken from old theatre flats. Recycling at it's best.

I'd like to add a big umbrella attachment to the floor of this so it's built-in shade wherever we go. Plus, I can add some shelves for the monitors, Serato box, and lap top.

The interior is fitted pretty well and I think I'll be able to get my Technics in there if I go battle style. But I don't have to worry about that now because we're taking Poptart's petite CDJ machine.

And my favorite part is that it all folds up into a 45" x 45" X 12" box for relatively easy transport.

We'll see you out and about.


New Mixes from Catbus SF DJ Nobody

Hey all ya party people. Sorry for such a long wait on any updates here. Poptart and myself have been working hard to get our party wagon all hitched up for motherfukkin BURNING MAN. Should you be out there on the dusty playa this year, look for us at the 3:00 plaza with Bad Idea Theater. Come on by. Get your groove on. Have a drink. Watch a horrifyingly awful movie. It's all good.

In the meantime, fresh outta San Francisco, Catbus welcomes our north Cali buddy- DJ Nobody.

Presented for your listening pleasure are two mini-mixes. First up, some electro basslines to get your party started. Tracks coming out of the many vinyl shops that litter the Golden Gate city.

Get your jams on right here with- DJ nobody- Ladies (where ya'll going?) 43 mb, 46:05

Next, enter deep space with some tech grooves that would bring a smile to even Spock's face.

Get it right here- DJ nobody- Nothing 32 mb, 33:37

Hey! He's also got a page right over here- http://www.house-mixes.com/artists/Dj_Nobody/

Give him a lil hello when you get the chance.

We'll see you around once we get back from the ol' dusty playa. It's time for us to head back home.

Peace and love,



Download new August mix- The Spectre Relay

The Spectre Relay 1:04, 105mb Deep House Set

Transmissions from a far off blue-green planet for your listening pleasure. Deep spacey beats for those times where you are adrift in the dark reaches of the cosmos. This is for my Burners out there. Go walking at midnight into the deep playa with this playing.

Here's the playlist:

1. 2 After 909 - Original Mix- Justus Kohncke
2. Return Of Sha - Original Mix- Vincenzo
3. Deep Is A Message - Original Mix- Cosmic Cowboys
4. Lost In Memory - Aki Bergen Remix- Doomwork
5. Smooth Cut - Original Mix- Javi Lopez
6. Synthetic Heaven - Original Mix- Christian Soule
7. Come To Life - Vincent Kwok Tech Soul Mix- Vincent Kwok, Random Soul
8. Dark Journey - Duff Remix- Outmode
9. The Spirit Of The Wood - Adam Byrd Remix- No Solution
10. Take Me Over - K-Bana's Remix- The Pressure, The Quasar
11. Go Bang feat. Michael Clifford & Kaysee (Nightrhymes Remix)- Walterino
12. Dusty - Original Mix- STP
13. The Sky Is Falling - Original Mix- Bertie Blackman
14. Who Cares- Adam K & Soha

Hope your dog days of summer are full of adventure and moderate lunacy.

Take care,



Dj poptart - HerSay

Dj poptart - HerSay
1:08, 156mb, 320k
Beat down by the summer heat, Poptart releases an upbeat summer mix of alternating electro sillyness and seriousness.
Here's what you're gettin'

1) Turbo Love (Light Year Remix) - Bag Raiders
2) New in Town (A1 Bassline Mix) - Little boots
3) Addict (Heavyfeet REmic) - Mightyfools
4) Do It 2 Nite (Ian Carey Remix) - Rockafeller
5) I have vision (Fred Falke Remix) - Roy Davis Jr. Feat Erin Martin
6) Silence Is Talking (Alex Metric Remix) - Reverend & The Makers
7) Bang that Box (Nicola Fasano) - Roger Sanchez Ft. Terri B.
8) Push UP (AC slater/Freestylers) - Freestylers
9) Hey You (Le Castle Vania Remix) - Kill The Noise
10) Cobrastyle (The Touch Remix) - Robyn
11) In For The Kill (Clash The Disko Kids & Ming 'Lo-fi 1AM' Remix) - La Roux
12) Trouble is a Friend (Nadastrom's Wishful Dub) - Lenka
13) Tuff N Stuff (Pirate Stereo Remix) - Yes Giantess
14) Manha Manha (Dunproofin Remix) - Manha Manha & The Snowths


Selecta DJ shirts for sale Online.

The remainder of the Selecta shirts have gone up for sale at the inkplay store.
Here's what I've got left
Small - Grey
Large- Grey and brown
XL- Blue and brown
Mens: Large- Brown
Med- Green, Purple, Brown
They're $15, plus 5 to ship, so you get them for the same price they were goin for at con. These are the last 9 Selecta shirts IN THE UNIVERSE. It's not likely I'll be reprinting this design (6 colors is expensive!) So if you're interested, get on it!
I gotta have that shirt, yo.