DJ Poptart - Noctilucent

Obscure Words: noctilucent 
[fr. L. nox, night + lucere, to shine] 
1) luminescent at night or in the dark 
2) designating a cloud that appears luminescent at night; shining or glowing by night

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You've already been dancing for 3 hours. The venue is small, hot. You're sweaty,tired, standing out in the parking lot wondering of you should drive home. You hear a faintly familiar track come on the dancefloor. A fidgety second wind hits you and you know you can't go home yet. The night rewards you and your friends.

1:00 85mb
Fall 2008

1) Road To Recovery (D.I.M. Remix) - Midnight Juggernauts
I love the intro- but the rest of the track isn't as melodic. Still, I wanted to set the theme. 

2) Any Way You Choose To Give It (Boy 8 Bit MiX) -The Black Ghosts
The best use of 8-bit sounds in a remix I've heard so far. So clean and pixeleated! So melodic! 

3) Cross The Dancefloor (Laidback Luke Remix) -Treasure Fingers
Must have one song about dancing. Robot boys singing to robot girls is always good. 

4) Time To Pretend (DMoeFunk Club Mix)- MGMT
This track starts to take the mix into its story. 

5) Star Guitar (alavi reroX)- The Chemical Brothers
I love this loungy remix of the Chemical brother's classic. Even more spacey. You should feel what I feel. 

6) The Longest Road (Sonik & Simpson remix) -Morgan Page feat. Lissie 
I've been waiting for the perfect remix of this to pop up forever. It's not dj friendly for mixing, but the beauty of the song makes it worth it. 

7) Stuck on Repeat vs. It's a Fine Day (Richard X Blend)- Little Boots vs. Opus 3
A classic, electro-fied. I used to listen to this song when I woke up on sunday mornings. Softens out the sass of Longest Road. 

8) Sleep Deprivation (12" Version)- Simian Mobile Disco
Starts with back of your mind bleeps, and then ramps up into unstoppable an Harpsichord whirlwhind. So epic! What could possibly contain the power of this track? 

9) Ce Jeu (Cool Kids Can't Die remix)- Yelle
The first strange discovery of this mix, poppy french girls taking out the harpsichord army with class and ease. 

10) Lauren From Glebe (Damage Edit)- Muscles
We heard the music from over the fence, so we threw up our hands with a smile on our faces. Went to the front with our names on the list. Those who were strangers had turned into friends 
This is what a good night out is about. I had to hold back from using more than one unashamedly joyful Muscles track in this set. 

11) Just Can't Get Enough (Dirty South Remix)-Depeche Mode
12) Overdose - DJ tomcraft
I've held on to the discovery of these two songs mashing up perfectly for a long time. Now it's finally recorded. Overdose takes the sappy happy if I Just can't get enough and turns it dark. 

13) Shut Up And Let Me Go (Left/Right Remix) -The Ting Tings
The girl from the ting tings sasses back in a powerful remix. Don't tell me what I want. 

14) Take on me (Where?) A-ha 
I've lost the info for where I got this track. But it calls back to I just can't get enough with a eerie, transcendent version of the song. 

15) Freak Me (VLRNA Remix)- Silk
Such a unique sounding remix. I love it's unexpectedness. 

16) YOA (The Twelves Remix)- Theatre of Disco
Been in love with this track for months.

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