Cherry Spitz Podcast 7/08/09!

Hey hey! Happy "Why was Six afraid of Seven Day?"!

We got an exciting Podcast for y'all this week. This time around we pull apart the opening scene to the worst 80s children film ever. Feel free to debate this, but you're clearly wrong!!!

Also, I try my damndest to figure out comic book fans like this.....

Anytime. Anyplace. I'm calling you out Jim Balent! Bring it you hack.

We also cover some kickass comics thanks to Erik Wargo.

Today's podcast features the usual suspects: Lars Hansen, Erik Wargo, James Stebick, Tim Gale, and the first appearance of the Nigerian Prince- Ify Nwadiwe.

You can get in on all the goodness right here- CHERRY SPITZ PODCAST 7/08/09

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Until next time, stay classy Interweb!


  1. It's spelled "Erik," but who am I to argue?


  2. Edited! Goddamn "Erik" is like the most girly of all guys names in the sense that there are all these alternative ways to spell it.