Dj poptart - HerSay

Dj poptart - HerSay
1:08, 156mb, 320k
Beat down by the summer heat, Poptart releases an upbeat summer mix of alternating electro sillyness and seriousness.
Here's what you're gettin'

1) Turbo Love (Light Year Remix) - Bag Raiders
2) New in Town (A1 Bassline Mix) - Little boots
3) Addict (Heavyfeet REmic) - Mightyfools
4) Do It 2 Nite (Ian Carey Remix) - Rockafeller
5) I have vision (Fred Falke Remix) - Roy Davis Jr. Feat Erin Martin
6) Silence Is Talking (Alex Metric Remix) - Reverend & The Makers
7) Bang that Box (Nicola Fasano) - Roger Sanchez Ft. Terri B.
8) Push UP (AC slater/Freestylers) - Freestylers
9) Hey You (Le Castle Vania Remix) - Kill The Noise
10) Cobrastyle (The Touch Remix) - Robyn
11) In For The Kill (Clash The Disko Kids & Ming 'Lo-fi 1AM' Remix) - La Roux
12) Trouble is a Friend (Nadastrom's Wishful Dub) - Lenka
13) Tuff N Stuff (Pirate Stereo Remix) - Yes Giantess
14) Manha Manha (Dunproofin Remix) - Manha Manha & The Snowths

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