Track recommendations- "Funky Folk"

Hey folks, Lighthouse here with a few announcements. Expect to see a face-lift to this old site as we take things to the next step. Originally, we were just using this site to share our DJ sets with the world, but we can do so much more. One of our improvements will be more track recommendation like this beauty below....

All the way back in 2010, my better half got a hold of a quirky little track entitled "We No Speak Americano" by Yolanda Be Cool.

This track blew up big, getting radio play on such mainstream California stations like KIIS FM and AMP 97.1. The antiquated sampling along with a steady house beat has really appealed to the hipster crowd. Strangely enough, I've rarely heard the track played on the dance floor. It's got a crazy internet presence. Here's a fan-made music video from some of my partners in comedy: Kevin Stevenson, Tim Gale, and James Stebick.

I've dubbed this genre "funky folk" house. Since "Americano" a few more like-sounding tracks have cropped up. Here are two featured tracks from my last mix-

Drinking Piano – (Jones Mix)- David Jones, Ron May- Fun saxophone melody in this one.

Swing Time – (David Jones Edit)- Will Gold- Lots of horns.

I dig these tracks. They have a nice accent to your regular funky house track which helps them stand out in the ever-growing sea of electro. Don't get me wrong, electro is king right now, but I like to mix it up with the groovier side of house music.

To let me know what you think, leave a comment or make a request for a particular genre of track recommendations.

Here's to a fabulous New Year. Keep the groove in your heart.


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