Cherry Spitz Podcast 6/24/09

Catbus Entertainment is proud to announce their weekly comedy podcast presented by the LA/OC Improv/Sketch group, Cherry Spitz. What happens when you give a bunch of improvisers some mics and a little bandwidth? Magic. All over you. And possibly a little down your leg.

This first podcast features the three core members- Tim Gale, Lars Hansen, and James Stebick. Topics include- figuring out how the hell a microphone works, origin stories, outdated headlines, banging your girlfriend in front of Osama, and garbage factories. Download right HERE!!!

If you like what you hear and/or have suggestions for topics please send us a comment below. We’ll be changing format up every week and would like, in the true style of improv, to base our show off of suggestions from our internet audience. So fire away bitches!



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