Hey all,

Just a sentimental podcast for the kiddos. In case you're wondering, when I'm not ripping up tracks and fighting the forces of evil, I'm defiling young minds as a teacher. So as an experiment for the actual official Catbus Podcasts, here's part two of "Twenty Feet Away" for your listening enjoyment.

Topics, to name just a few, include- sexy black fathers, the return of the phrase "jive turkey", and couch rape.

Tell us what you think. Either today or tomorrow, we'll begin posting our podcasts featuring LA/OC improv/sketch group Cherry Spitz Fanclub.

Summer's here so we'll be finally kicking this site up a notch and getting the content, mixes, podcasts, pics, and reviews up for your Interweb pleasure. Keep checking back and tell us what you think.




  1. I have been a goddamned fan of Cherry Spitz for years. If you put up a podcast, my world may explode.

    Please make my world explode.

  2. Should be up this evening. :)

  3. Oh my goodness!!!! Cherry Fucking Spitz has a podcast! Downloading right now!!!!!