Track Recommendations

Just thought I'd share a couple of tracks with all you lovely Internet people out there.

The first is- Pryda feat Julie McKnight - Muranyi/Diamond Life

There is no music video of this track, but here it is in action at this year's WMC.

Super soulful vocals with a great slow-burn progression that Pryda loves to deliver.

Speaking of soulful vocals, here's one super-lady you outta get to know.

Lisa Millett

I can't get enough of her supreme diva powers. Go listen to some of her stuff on her myspace.

Here's a little present for you too- Now You're Gone feat Lisa Millet_Jason Herds Most Obvious Mix

This track has an interesting hook to it that instantly reminds me of old school raves. It also has some impressive church organ music so know I have no idea what to think when I hear it, but I know I like it.






    THIS SONG IF FUCKIN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. recommend u take a ear full of
    housequake & anita kelsey - shed my skin (club mix)

    lissat & voltaxx - sunrise over mali (original club mix)

    Mla vs Dabo - Sharm El Shiekh

    favorite jams right now

    i know lighthouse and poptart will throughly enjoy this jungle zipper house!!

    very soothing!!