Cherry Spitz Podcast! 7/01/09

That's right! It's Wednesday, so we got a brand new podcast piping hot for your listening pleasure!

This week's main topic was: disturbing movies from the 80s.If you were a kid growing up in the 1980s then you are painfully aware of how movies for "children" in that era had little to no regard for the psychological well-being of their young audience. Yet, we all watched, sometimes over and over again, and it warped us permanently. Since we are gluttons for this kind of punishment, we subject ourselves to several painful 80s clips this week. Listen and discuss!

Download CHERRY SPITZ PODCAST 7/1/09 and share our pain!

This podcast features the following Cherry Spitz members: James Stebick, Eric Wargo, Lars Hansen, and Tim Gale.

As an added note, we would also like to state at this time that we saved the most disturbing 80s kids movie for next weeks podcast. However, we would like to see if you can guess what we have planned. Send us a comment and take a guess. You might win a shiny new prize if you do.

If you like this podcast or have comments for us, hit us up with a reply. Or just think positive mental thoughts to better protect us from our Galactic Lord Xenu. Wait, sorry, that was the Thetans talking.

Until next time, chiiiiiildren!


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