Catbus @ Comic Con

Hey art loving internets!
Kelly/DJ Poptart here.
If you are on the internet, maybe you like the same things I do. So of course you'll be at comic con this weekend, right? 
When you come to comic con, visit booth 5428. It's a little group of all girl animation artists who do pinup art.
That's right.

This is where you can get your hungry paws on some quality products I've crafted just for my fellow partynerds.
Like the D&D sticker set. Select your character from the 4 original classes. As kickass cartoon ladies, natrually.

Or the super limited SELECTA shirt. May the patron saint of DJ's guide you. There's only 19 of these left. After con the remainders will go up for grabs online. Watch this space!

And lastly we have the enigmatic Glowpocalypse envelopes. Each contains 3 unreleased images from an imaginary future. Numbered, only 25 made.
Remember, booth 5428. I'll be there ALL WEEKEND with my lady partners in artcrime. Come by and we can talk about cool things. 
Also, be on the lookout for CatBus's roving reporter Lighthouse on the con floor. He's got a camera, questions, and a lots of  moxie. 

Entrepreneur-ily yours,

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