New Mixes from Catbus SF DJ Nobody

Hey all ya party people. Sorry for such a long wait on any updates here. Poptart and myself have been working hard to get our party wagon all hitched up for motherfukkin BURNING MAN. Should you be out there on the dusty playa this year, look for us at the 3:00 plaza with Bad Idea Theater. Come on by. Get your groove on. Have a drink. Watch a horrifyingly awful movie. It's all good.

In the meantime, fresh outta San Francisco, Catbus welcomes our north Cali buddy- DJ Nobody.

Presented for your listening pleasure are two mini-mixes. First up, some electro basslines to get your party started. Tracks coming out of the many vinyl shops that litter the Golden Gate city.

Get your jams on right here with- DJ nobody- Ladies (where ya'll going?) 43 mb, 46:05

Next, enter deep space with some tech grooves that would bring a smile to even Spock's face.

Get it right here- DJ nobody- Nothing 32 mb, 33:37

Hey! He's also got a page right over here- http://www.house-mixes.com/artists/Dj_Nobody/

Give him a lil hello when you get the chance.

We'll see you around once we get back from the ol' dusty playa. It's time for us to head back home.

Peace and love,


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