What we've been up to....

Lighthouse here showing off our new DJ booth. Look for this bad boy at a day party near you! Actually, we're taking this beauty to Burning Man first to see how sturdy she is.

We also picked up some great speakers that attach to the whole unit for mobile DJ action.

It's got a nice lil vanity mirror in the front so the dirty Burners can admire themselves (or we can bounce lasers off of it and zap the people who bug us).

Fancy equalizer bar artwork done by Poptart. Regal wallpaper-style paint job taken from old theatre flats. Recycling at it's best.

I'd like to add a big umbrella attachment to the floor of this so it's built-in shade wherever we go. Plus, I can add some shelves for the monitors, Serato box, and lap top.

The interior is fitted pretty well and I think I'll be able to get my Technics in there if I go battle style. But I don't have to worry about that now because we're taking Poptart's petite CDJ machine.

And my favorite part is that it all folds up into a 45" x 45" X 12" box for relatively easy transport.

We'll see you out and about.


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  1. Anonymous2.9.09

    way to use the set from run for the money! haha nice

    - matt